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CASI Construction Academy welcomes you to a brand new year. We saw how 2020 was the year organizations had to adjust almost every aspect of how they function due to the COVID 19 pandemic.Like many organisations around the world , we had to make the necessary changes to our team’s day-to-day routine of working together in the office . It also saw the restructuring of all our departments to fit current needs. Our Sales Team started working remotely and would only come in when required changing the ways we meet our customer’s needs. We are happy to note that none of our Staff Members had COVID :) .Despite the challenges we all faced during the lockdown, we hosted a number of online training with rave reviews the whole of 2020 as it was the most preferred mode of instruction due to the COVID 19 restrictions that were in place. We ensured that the Trainers update their content to fit current needs and also rethink their mode of delivery and adapt to the “new” way using the platforms recommended by our clients mainly Webex, ZOOM , MS Teams .

We would also like to thank our clients for supporting us through out 2020 and hope to work with you this time around in 2021.

To register, contact us on +27 877005633 . We also conduct in-house training for 10 or more delegates at a discounted rate.


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Oil, Gas and Marine

Kindly contact us on +27 877 005633  , Whatsapp +27 794 117042 or email register @casits.co.za to get full brochure

Loading Master Training

This 3-day highly interactive and practical course will assist petroleum products, crude oil, and chemical terminals in achieving a competitive advantage by having an effective and well managed operation. This will ensure your operational processes and workforce perform up to the highest standards and expectations achieving a competitive advantage.


Marine terminal and self assessment program MTMSA

24-26 feb 21 | 21-23 April 21| 23-25 June 21 | 25-27 August 21 |20-22 October 21

This training, supervision and guidance program was created based on the 2012 OCIMF publication MTMSA. It teaches Marine Storage Terminal Supervisors and Managers how to observe, run and improve managing operations and control their terminals in an organized
manner. It can be used by terminal operators to verify that their management systems are comprehensive and promote safety and environmental excellence, with the intention of minimizing risk in the execution of their operations and providing the ability to measure and continuously improve their management systems. Terminal Operators are encouraged to submit the results of their self assessments online to OCIMF’s central database for distribution to recipients approved by the terminal operator.

Marine Terminal Operator and Supervisor competency

10-12 March 21| 12-14 May 21| 14-16 July 21 | 15-17 September 21 | 24-26 November 21

According to the MTOCT 2013 Marine Terminal Operator Competence and Training
Guide by OCIMF, Casi assists companies to observe, verify, train and test Operators
and Supervisors.
There are three (3) competence levels on which each section of work and
responsibility will be based.
1. Awareness – A good understanding of what is involved
• Able to describe in basic terms the main features of each part of the job and
its importance to the terminal’s operation.
• Able to recognize how and where competencies are relevant
2. Knowledge
• Able to interpret and evaluate information and advice
• Able to ask questions that test the viability of proposal associated with responsibilities
• Where applicable, able to carry out all tasks required
3. Skill
• Able to carry out the activities to required standard
• Able to interpret applicable procedures and guidelines into practical actions
• Able to solve common technical / operational issues
• Able to propose refinements to operational practices and procedures
• Able to mentor and supervise others in technical / operational aspects
To be able to safely and efficiently operate and run a liquid bulk marine terminal, the following
competencies are required and tested by Casi. This course can be spread over several weeks or longer.
Each competency can be learned and tested when people are prepared and ready.

Terminal Operations and Management Sustainability for marine storage tanks and refineries

17-19 February 21| 14-16 April 21| 9-11 June 21 | 18-20 August 21 | 13-15 October 21 | 1-3 Dec 21|

This 3-day highly interactive and practical course will assist petroleum, crude oil and chemical terminals in achieving a competitive advantage by having an effective and well-managed operation. This will ensure your operational processes and workforce perform up to the highest standards.
Master operational best practices and apply a structured approach to oil and gas marine terminal management
1. Identify improved procedures for the handling, loading and discharging of bulk liquids
2. Learn updated international guidelines and regulations concerning tankers and terminals including physical properties and types of cargoes
3. Increase your operational efficiency for oil storage and transport
4. Become aware of Quality & Quantity risk & loss and learn prevention techniques
5. Improve compliance, safety and environmental performance
6. Learn how to measure and verify individual competencies of personnel and contractor
7. Learn how use science to mitigate risk exposure by the MTMSA program

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Kindly contact us on +27 877 005633  , Whatsapp +27 794 117042 or email register @casits.co.za to get full brochure 

Construction Contracts management Masterclass ( FIDIC, JBCC, GCC ,NEC) 3 CPD

27-29 Jan 2021 | 24-26 Feb 2021 | 24-26 Mar 2021 | 21-23 Apr 2021 | 26-28 May 2021 | 23-25 Jun 2021 | 21-23 Jul 2021

  • JBCC
  • NEC
  • GCC

Participants will also learn how Pandemics like Covid-19 and natural disaster affect construction contracts.

CASI presents a 3 day accredited 3 CPD points construction contracts management masterclass .  From 2014  we have trained approximately 885
delegates (public Courses) from different sectors from all over Africa. Delegates from both Private Sector and Government have attended this
Masterclass and gained insights on these contracts.  This workshop covers conditions for international Contracts for civil and industrial projects.
The above four contracts are a recurring theme in South African for contractors and consultants alike as the form part of the standardisation of
the Construction Industries Development Board of South Africa. This makes these contracts compulsory when government entities contract for built environment projects. These standard contracts are also widely in use in the commercial contracting sector and two of these contracts, FIDIC and NEC are used internationally. JBCC and GCC 2010/2015 are created by South African entities and mainly used in South African for Building and Engineering works. _Please note only persons (attendees) who are members of ECSA will be able to claim these CPD Points from the ECSA website._

Estimation and Tendering Live Online Workshop 2 CPD

25-26 Jan 2021 | 22-23 Feb 2021 | 29-30 Mar 2021

Estimating is considered an art and it is imperative to have a full understanding of the market.
This 2-day workshop will endeavour to take the delegates through the process of tendering and construction estimation to ensure handover to the site is smooth should the tender be successful. You will discuss how to develop strategies for preparing well-researched bids, how to mitigate risks and how to effectively engage all participating stakeholders. Delegates will also be able to understand the conditions of their contracts and how to modify them in ways that are mutually beneficial without taking on excessive risk.

JBCC , Nominated/Selected Sub-contractor Agreement

18-19 Jan 2021 | 15-16 Feb 2021 | 15-16 Mar 2021

The training will focus on JBCC Principal, Nominated/Selected Subcontract Agreement (or as it better known the N/S Subcontract Agreement) and zone in on key contract conditions as well as the rights and obligations of all the parties including how the risks are allocated. The Training will cover the administrative requirements, dealing mostly with payments that tend not to be issued within the time limits specified in the contract.
This informative workshop will bring clarity to a number of issues faced by contractors.

Financial Management and Financial Project Appraisal for Engineers

25-26 Jan 2021 | 22-23 Feb 2021 | 29-30 Mar 2021

CASI presents a 2 day Financial Management & Financial Project Appraisal for Engineers. Technical expertise alone will not get you to the top unless you understand the accounting and reporting that drives engineering businesses. The aim of this intensive, hands-on workshop will allow you to master business plans, budgets, forecasts, profit and loss statements and end of year accounts using the same language as the business operations of your organisation.

Construction Claims Management Workshop

25-26 Jan 2021 | 22-23 Feb 2021 | 29-30 Mar 2021

The Construction industry has a reputation for disputes and conflict.For example in 50% of all legal costs incurred in construction  projects are
associated with disputes. In 10% of the total project cost was legal cost. The correct preparations  and submission of contractual claims is
fundamental to parties success in being awarded additional  and monies on  project. Failure to adhere to the very strict procedures laid down in the various contracts will in most cases render the claim invalid. To avoid claims being rejected it is vital that the correct procedures are followed
and this Masterclass will demonstrate the various mechanisms which are detailed in the major contracts prescribed by the CIDB for infrastructural
work in South Africa.

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