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Take advantage of the Lockdown measures to earn your CPD.

All Delegates attending will be required to complete a pre-workshop questionnaire.

To register, contact us on +27 877005633 . We also conduct in-house training for 10 or more delegates at a discounted rate.

Construction Contracts Management Workshop FIDIC JBCC NEC GCC

CASI Presents a 3 day Accredited workshop. This  workshop covers conditions for international Contracts for civil and industrial projects.

It will cover :

  • NEC4
  • JBCC
  • GCC

This course runs monthly , kindly contact our office to register

JBCC , Nominated/Selected Sub-contractor Agreement 2 CPD

The training will focus on

  • JBCC Principal
  • Nominated/Selected Subcontract Agreement
  • Conditions Under the JBCC
  • Rights and obligations of all the parties and allocation of risk

It will also cover the following :

  • The Administrative requirements dealing with payments not issued within the time limits specified in the contract.
  • It will also bring clarity to a number of issues faced by contractors.
Financial Management and Financial Project Appraisal for Engineers 2 CPD

CASI presents a 2 day Financial Management & Financial Project Appraisal for Engineers. Technical expertise alone will not get you to the top unless you understand the accounting and reporting that drives engineering businesses. The aim of this intensive, hands-on workshop will allow you to master business plans, budgets, forecasts, profit and loss statements and end of year accounts using the same language as the business operations of your organisation.

Construction Claims Management Workshop 2 CPD

The Construction industry has a reputation for disputes and conflict. For example in 50% of all legal costs incurred in construction  projects are associated with disputes. In 10% of the total project cost was legal cost.

The correct preparations  and submission of contractual claims is fundamental to parties success in being awarded additional  and monies on a project. Failure to adhere to the very strict procedures laid down in the various contracts will in most cases render the claim invalid. To avoid claims being rejected it is vital that the correct procedures are followed and this Masterclass will demonstrate the various mechanisms which are detailed in the major contracts prescribed by the CIDB for infrastructural work in South Africa.

Effective Management and Efficient Operations of Ports for Value Creation

19-23 October 2020 Live online Session

This five days executive training is targeted to provide an integrated outlook of Ports and Specialized Terminals for Dry bulk, Liquid bulk and container operations and their role as the most crucial link in logistics supply chain. There is a whole range of Dry/Liquid Bulk and Container Terminals and Ports from very basic barge loading / unloading systems connecting with anchorage operations to the most modern state-of-the-art loading / unloading terminals; depending upon market size and volume to be handled. Ownership, operatorship and commercial aspect also vary based on users’ requirements and risk perceptions. On one hand; large scale ore/coal miners, oil companies, agro producers, fertilizer manufacturers, suppliers, users and traders tend to control the supply chain by using their own dedicated terminals

Oil And Gas Port Terminals Operations , Management & Safety Standards in Accordance with International Standards 5 CPD

24-28 August  2020 | 9-13 Nov 2020

This 5-days intensive course provides an insightful analysis of the risks, safety and security of oil and gas terminals allowing companies and organizations to identify and assess various risks, prevent and manage potential incidents, and mitigate their adverse impacts with a view to improving the operational and procedural safety, security and environmental management of oil and gas port terminal operations from ship and cargo handling through terminal storage, transportation and distribution.